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why should we even care?

Finally got around to watching Breaking Dawn Part 2, and I have the following thoughts:

1. Alice leaves the Cullens a mysterious and extremely vague note written on the back of the title page torn out of The Merchant of Venice. Am I really supposed to believe that Bella is the only one who would think to look in the actual book for further clues? The clues were left specifically for her because she's the only one who could figure them out? Clearly living for five hundred years or whatever doesn't do much for a person's logical reasoning ability.

2. How is Bella the newborn the strongest vampire in this clan of very old vampires who have been vampire-ing for many, many years? How does she grasp both her new power and her newly necessary talent for "acting" like a human within about five minutes of practicing each respective skill? Is it... Could it be...

Error Message

3. That is some seriously shitty CGI on those wolves there.

4. All those age differences will never not be weird. Edward is like a hundred years older than Bella, and Jacob is seventeen years older than Renesmee (which will never not be a stupid name), who has the mentality of a much younger person than her physical age of like, seven. Supposedly, though he's "imprinted" on her, which means they're basically soulmates, he'll only act like a protective older brother towards her until she's old enough for them to...date? I don't know. Anyway, so by the time that happens, it'll be like dating his younger sister/her older brother. Never not creepy.

5. Jane wears waaaay too much eyeliner.

6. If Alice's predictions are so unreliable and wildly subject to change, why is she so highly in demand?

7. One of those wolf things sees his/her mate (I assume) killed by one of the vampires, so s/he stops in the middle of the battle to howl, and none of those supposedly-so-awesome Volturi vamps think to grab him/her from behind and toss him/her around a little. But then s/he falls to his/her death (I assume) in a pit of fire, so it's all good.

8. When Edward is thrown into the pit of fire and then clings to the wall for dear...life (?), and then a big rock falls on him and crumbles, and then he leaps out of nowhere, over the edge of the pit, to grab another vampire and do some kind of backflip thing off its shoulders, what exactly was he using for leverage to launch off of for that leaping business? Normally I wouldn't think of it, but that angle of trajectory is really weird.

9. I get that Bella's shield magic is all super powerful and everything, but her major contribution to the battle consists of standing in the middle of the field, glaring at things and trying to look all menacing. Why does no one jump her from behind and rip her head off? Talk about going after the key players, guys.

10. OMGWTFBBQ. The entire battle was nothing but foresight? Wow, guys, just...wow. Major letdown.

11. The Volturi outnumber the...non-Volturi by at least two to one. How in the world did they fictionally lose that fictional battle inside Alice's incredibly unreliable foresighting head?


13. This movie abuses the word "forever" like crack cocaine.


take that

I've just been indulging in some good old SPN fanfic classics, and then I checked some recently updated comms, I have a non-judgmental but very curious question for all y'all:

Why has BDSM had such an upsurge in popularity recently?

Also, there seems to be quite a lot of alpha/beta/omega fic running around rampantly. Thoughts?

if it's over, it's over

All right, I'm just going to say it: I wish Supernatural had ended after five seasons.

i suggest you look in the mirror

I hate people.

Well, no. Not all people. My relationship with the rest of humanity is a complex one.

Let me explain.

My parents and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises today. It's a fine movie and all; I actually quite liked it, except for the very end, which seemed too cheesy and forced for what had previously been such a dark and contemplative trilogy. But overall, it was a good piece. I even liked Anne Hathaway a great deal, which was much more than I had expected to like her (i.e., not at all). What was not so nice was the couple sitting behind us.

Here is my abbreviated list of their activities:

1. Arrive at the movie after it had already begun (not even during previews, I mean literally about ten minutes into the film itself)
2. Use the light of their cell phones to scope out empty seats (of which there were quite a few in the theater, and I really don't think the extra illumination was necessary in the slightest [although it certainly got me to notice them])
3. Immediately begin talking to one another (at an audible volume, too, not even "so low that only I could hear it with my extremely acute hearing")

My father quickly turned around and hissed a quick and poignant "Shhh!" which they appeared somewhat amused and befuddled by and proceeded to ignore. Not a minute later, I turned in my seat and said "Please stop talking." Their response (to one another, which I happened to overhear because, once again, they were not speaking softly) completely baffled me: "Well that was rude."

No. No no no. In fact, you suck.

Of course, this is not the first time I've been in a movie theater with inconsiderate other patrons. This is not even the first time I've asked someone to please keep it down. However, these people may be the most blatantly unaware of their own obnoxiousness, which is actually the thing that saddens me most.

Yes. "Saddens."

Now for the quantum leap of logical proportions.

I think the Internet is a wonderful tool. It is a fantastic source of knowledge and entertainment, and a great way of keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, especially those far away from oneself. Impressive technological leaps forward have enabled us to access this resource virtually anywhere at virtually anytime. I even think social networking has its place, regardless of my own distaste for it.


I also think that the recent onslaught of personal devices our society has been exposed to (re: had thrust in our faces and made to seem requirements for maintaining an acceptable QOL) has made people so introverted and so painfully self-centered that it has had disastrous side effects. Psychologists and "tech gurus," as they're termed, are beginning to point this out, but I fear that such reports are dismissed as "doesn't apply to me" nonsense by many of the people most affected. Some acknowledge that they have a problem, to be sure, but not enough to make a difference in my life. (According to The Week, this "tech addiction" is almost exclusively an American problem, but hey, it still gets under my skin.)

In fact, I'll elaborate: I fear that this addiction is having an impact on people's lives even when they are not actively using the Internet, or whatever piece of technology they're addicted to. See, for instance, the couple talking behind me at the movies. Yes, yes, I know, people have been talking in movie theaters for ages, and people have been rude for ages, but this is simply an example on my mind at the moment, and the couple's "Well that was rude" reaction really emphasizes it for me. I think people with these tech addictions are actually becoming more rude in general. Even when not using their smartphones and such, they are rendered less able to judge the imposition of their actions on others and therefore more likely to act as though they are alone when in a public place; for instance, treating a movie theater as their own living room, or a public gym as their garage with a treadmill in it.

ETA: Studies have been conducted which demonstrate that tech addiction can rewire a person's brain to, among other things, reduce empathy, which supports the point I'm getting at. (I apologize for not having any studies to link to, but I have merely seen them referenced elsewhere, and unfortunately for this instance, not online.) Of course, these studies are subject to much criticism and skepticism, being fairly recent, but I remain horrified that the possibility is even coming up.

Humanity will be its own downfall, I swear.

Children text during dinner at their own homes. Couples out on dates accept personal calls while sitting across the table from one another in restaurants. Patrons of movie theaters, and even legitimate theaters, surf the Internet while a movie or performance which they have paid good money for the privilege to see is going on not but a few yards away.

Are people's attention spans really so short? Are their priorities really so skewed? Are they really so very, very desperate to feel plugged in to every detail of society's minutiae that they miss the potential personal connections surrounding them?

Let me conclude with this thought.

Do I think that every person who owns a smartphone or tablet is like this? No. Not necessarily. But I do think there is an enormous danger of the "this will only take a minute" phenomenon. That is, "I know it's rude to pull out my cell phone in public and check some information which I could obtain just as easily two hours from now, but I really want it this minute and I'll be quick, I promise, you won't even notice."

Yes. I will. Whatever it is, it can wait.

ETA: tl;dr Thanks for alerting me to this...comic thing, Becky! (Is totally a comic thing.)

People from Egypt can tell you're a vampire! You don't hide it very well!


i have seen this look before

Tom and Crystal just walked by my window. Hi, Tom and Crystal!

Mary Kathryn Dean will be visiting Bryn Mawr from Oct 1-4, via Greyhound! Yay not needing a ride to BWI and not having to pay for Amtrak!! Who loves me enough to let me crash on the floor if I bring my own pillow and blanket?

Had half a mind to respond "No." just to be a bitch, despite having enormous room and plenty of floor space. Decided against it; not worth it. Resulted in morally superior sensation.

Mary Kathryn Dean should add that she's SUPER EXCITED!!! Especially for the Sigma Pi Tau party!!

Mind Eraser
Large Rocks glass
1 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Kahlua
Top with club soda
Serve with large straw

Not hard to make. Is not bright blue (not by a long shot), but still good for various purposes. Could tell someone it's Kahlua and Cream, see what happens if they chug it.

Should maybe consider trying to get closure. Would require face-to-face interaction. Currently weighing options; may wait for her to come to me.

Have to start/write/post Exegesis. Fortunately did the reading yesterday.
Someone, somewhere, thinks I'm better than someone else!

I kind of want to just stay up all night and then...I don't even know. Except that I really want to go to bed.

There's a lesson here: I must beware discussions of PTSD in Pediatric Psychology. Evidently they can be most harrowing to my mental well-being. Weird.

please stay tuned for what happens next

Am upstate in the Adirondacks, a charming region in upstate New York with lots of mountains and lakes and other prettiness. Am tragically quarantined to the Fourth Lake community (small, full of 'skeeters and other irritating life forms [unfortunately people I am expected to either make nice with because they've been my mother's friends since forever or socialize with because they are roughly my age even if they all kind of suck], boring as all hell). Am so sick of it you cannot fucking imagine. Am also growing increasingly fed up with parental units, particularly alleged father figure.

Going back home on Monday. Going back home on Monday. Good day on Wednesday. *deep breath*


i know that it is possible for now

Just got the lottery results for fall semester and got into all my class (for once) (it's about time), which is a nice relief. My class rosters are not all they could be, but hey, who says I'll have to talk to Shannon anyone in Pediatric Psychology? I can be totally self-reliant if I want. Yes I can, and it's only one class anyway. I bet I'll be the only senior in Environmental Problems, muahaha. (I don't know why I just said that. It was completely unnecessary.)

Aaaaand, I finished the base layer for my door poster for next year. Not my "How can I help you stalk me today" sign, my totally not-required decoration thing that I've decided to make for no other reason than that I want to and I can. And it's pretty, so there, as opposed to last year's, which was fun and made me into "That girl with the 'Why so serious?' sign on her door" (unexpected but funny result). Sadly I now have spray-on adhesive all over my hand, but that can be rubbed off after like an hour of idle pressurizing. Now to wait until tomorrow to execute the second phase of this really-not-diabolical plan...


'cause i don't need to be courageous today

So I just heard from Brenda, who said it would be grand and totally doable for me to go out to California on July 20 for this "extra in a high school scene" thing. (Start at the bottom, I know.) Great, right? Super fabulous, right? Well, at least I wasn't actually expecting this to work out in the first place. That unfortunately overlaps right inconveniently with my parents' trip to France, which I've been looking forward to forever. So...at least I'll still have the house to myself starting next Wednesday afternoon/evening for a week, but now it's at the cost of this extra thing.

I know I never have high expectations for anything, and this was looking so unlikely by now that I wasn't really thinking it was gonna happen, but the fact that it could and now it isn't... I was talking to one of my coworkers today (where work was the Land of Impetuous and Snotty Preppy Self-Righteous Teenagers who really needed to be taken down about a ladder's worth of pegs, but hey, I can only do so much when I'm supposed to be representing the museum professionally) and she said I should go after acting if it was what I really wanted. I think the combination of the two (her encouragement and the Brenda thing not happening [at least not right now]) has landed me in a little funk of life-feeling-pretty-unimportant. I'm starting to slide back into my old habits of feeling like a supporting player to other people's lives as opposed to an important entity unto myself.

At least I recently...acquired some songs I really like that I'd never previously heard of. Even if I do associate them with leukemia. Don't ask.

P.S., World, I'm pretty damn sick of seeing Michael Jackson's face all over everything all the damn time (wait, Michael Jackson died? Bummer, I think I'm gonna move on with my life). Also, Sarah Palin, you are fucking nuts and I really hope you go away fast (as you claim you want to [while nobly emulating our brave soldiers overseas who just don't quit by...quitting]).


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